Protect your Office365 emails (Computer Backup Doesn’t WORK!)

office 365 ransomware attacks.Is your email history valuable to your business?


Most people would say, “YES of course. I have emails from years ago.” So what if I told you, backing up your computer DOES NOT cover your office 365 emails?


The fact is, your office365 email hosting is probably the most vulnerable part of your technology (that’s if you are currently adequately backing up your local data. If you are not, call us ASAP for a free consultation 586.693.2661). Written directly in Microsoft TOS (terms of service), they do not cover your data under the 99% uptime guarantee. They only cover that your service will have 99% uptime, the data inside your service is YOUR responsibility.

How do I know if I’m protected?

The simplest way to know if you are protected or not from hackers on your office 365 account is to look at your bill.¬† If your office365 reseller or your bill directly from Microsoft doesn’t have any add-ons that use the verbiage “back-up” your most likely not protected. Since office365 is primarily on the cloud, all data is on the cloud so having Outlook on your computer doesn’t help when it comes to backup.


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