Things Machine Shops Need To Know Regarding Cyber Security

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Cyber Warfare on Manufacturing


As we utilize I.O.T (internet of things) and industry 4.0 to enhance our efficiency and capability; we also need to acknowledge, address, and resolve the ways we open our technology to the ongoing threats that today’s cyber criminals operate. Technology is one of the best tools our companies can have to do more with less, but we need to protect it.  Manufacturing cyber security is very important.

Some companies I have helped had multiple multi million dollar machines, but had a $50 computer, $20 networking switch, and a $90 unsecure wifi router. These machines are attached to the same network that the receptionist, owner, salesman, etc are attached to. What do you think happens when the receptionist clicks on a link inside her facebook and downloads a virus?


 What’s Next When Your Infected

Once a cyber criminal gets access to your network, your instantly 20 steps behind when it comes to making sure your clear of any potential future threats.

When a cyber criminal gains access to your networking, it’s like leaving your doors open and letting them in your building 24/7/365


If your machine is locked (with wannacry or any other ransomware infections.)

  1. If you have machines, computers, ect not infected unplug them from the internet immediately.
  2. Check your backups and hopefully you have a backup that protects against ransomware.
  3. If you DO NOT have sufficient backups in place, or can’t wait for the machine manufacturer to reinstall the OS on your machine, you’ll have to check to see how many bitcoins they are requesting to “release” your company.
  4.  recover with backup
  5. BEST PRACTICE is to reset all devices to factory if possible as once that person or bot had access to your network, it is never 100% that they did or did not infect any other devices in your network. IE. if you remedy the current problem computer, another computer that has a dormant infection in your network could bring it right back with a timer/process that the cyber criminal sets up.

How To Properly Protect Your Enviroment

Have multiple sandboxes to play in

The best way to protect your network/devices is to create a networking environment has separates department/devices. We like to separate Sales, inner office, engineering, and shop. Giving them their own internal networks allows to reduce the chance of site wide infections and protects your machines from having any downtime resulting from hacks.

Have a update policy on your machines/devices

Computer, firewalls, routers, machines, should all have a policy in place so that they are being updated. Updates are crucial to the security of each individual system as updates help devices get new patches to holes that are found in the security of the system. Putting off updates only adds to the vulnerability your company has to the outside world.manufacturing tech support- shop-pc scene

Hire a IT professional to manage your enviroment

Hiring a professional is always your best option. They will be able to dedicate resources to understanding your environment and deploying the best security solutions for your company.

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – Benjamin Franklin

Insurance, maintenance, savings. All these things are a no brainer when it comes to our lives. In 2018, Cyber Security has quickly been added to this list as being one of the most “preventative” solutions your business needs. Manufacturing Cyber Security.

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