Phone Support

We support VOIP phone systems that we exclusively sell. Our phone systems are highly expandable while being a great fit for small to medium businesses. It will definitely grow with you while potentially saving cost.

Keeping customers informed and having to field all the questions about deadlines, status of their order, rush request due to customers needs changing, etc is exhausting. Having a good quality phone system that helps direct the flow of calls, and possibly even automatically notifying long standing production run clients with status helps by freeing up your shop manager/engineer/whoever would answer their question to do something that will contribute to the bottom line. We can handle your phone system upgrade and maintenance as well. Our preferred vendor saves cost and implements features only large business systems used to have.

Some Features Include

Utilizing the mobile app will extend your business phone system as far as you want it to reach. With just a few taps, you can answer a phone call, put it on hold, call your office, and WARM transfer the call. This is all happening while the client is listening to your on hold music, or hearing about your next upcoming event, or a discount next month on your 5 axis machining center because next month is slow on that machine.

Whether you have a receptionist or not, sometimes calls can be missed. It happens. With your own personal Auto Attendant you can direct the calls to exactly where/who they need to do. This way the call can either be answers by the exact person who they need to talk to, or leave a message to the right person. You can even setup cross overs so if it’s imperative to you that someone answers the phone, the system will go the next group of people until someone picks up.

If you want to know if Bill in QC is still on the phone with your big client, you can just look at your DESKTOP app and see that he is still on the call. Furthermore, if he is still on the call, you can send him a chat to his desktop app instead of running all the way back and say, “hey don’t forget to tell them we held all their tolerances like they asked on that ID.”

My provider is always offering some type of promotional offer like free phones, 2 months free, discounts on lines. For info on the latest discount, please call our office. They don’t run discounts for long.

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