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One of a company’s biggest way it looses money is having outdated technology, or technology that doesn’t fit their specific need of the company.

This doesn’t only mean computer power/speed. It could mean network infrastructure, software usage, and even backup. If you have technology that doesn’t allow you to work at 100%, you loosing the opportunity to be more efficient which leads to adding to your bottom line.
If your system goes down, that is a whole new level of inefficiency. Furthermore, having a Michigan based IT support company that you can trust to be there when you need them is crucial to getting back up and running. This includes quickly responding with our SLA agreements, and having tools in place to even remotely fix your concern silently while your employee works.

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Why Does My Company Need an IT Consultant?

Think of running your office/IT environment as if it was a restaurant. Your up and running, good customer flow, good reviews. Things are great. But as your business runs, the meat slicer for the pastrami starts to get dull, the burners on the grill are getting clogged and not giving you a full burn. You haven’t maintained the oven properly.
You can still service your clients, your sandwich’s and pizza’s are still amazing, but it takes you a little more time to slice the meat, you have a little longer wait for your customer’s med-well burger because you can’t use half the grill anymore. Now, your oven is down though so NO MORE PIZZA’S until the repair man comes TOMORROW AND IT’S FAMILY PIZZA NIGHT!
Think of this crazy analogy as the meat slicer, grill, oven, are your computers, network, website, CRM, etc. Sure, the computers your employees are on still work, the software your company implemented gets the job done, your WiFi only cuts out a couple times a week,
but how many hours are you leaving on the table?

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If you grease the wheels on your meat sl….. I mean computer, you can be more efficient.
And about the broken oven, if your server, accounts receivable system goes down you need someone to be there, physically or virtually to be resolving your issues. Luckily we can remotely fix most issues quickly on a computer.
Reducing the chance of your server going down is achievable too! Monitoring a server can help reduce potential downtime by seeing the errors that may be happening in the background that would normally go unseen on a day to day basis.

Why is Max Tech The Perfect Fit For Your Business

With our state of the art monitoring technology, ready to help tech support, and knowledgeable technicians, we are committed to supporting and maintaining your technology. Getting an IT consultant to get things started on the right foot, and continuing the level of quality inside your technology is key. Let us prove that we can be your tech department.
Here is just a few of the key points to consider when choosing Max Tech Support:
  • Commitment to our SLA’s
  • Ability to Fix issues before become a burden on your employee
  • Ability to beĀ  a FULL Service IT department under 1 roof, 1 price with PHONE, WEB, COMPUTERS, AND NETWORKING

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