(Fake)Microsoft Still at it. Here is what you need to know


They’re Starting to Be Like Your Clingy Ex

So, the word around town is fake Microsoft agents are still at it, in full force. Now, they have found a sneakier way to get full access to your pc, and not let go! This is a scarey thing to think about, because if you’re not careful, they can be watching you while you work on the pc if you let them in remotely. Even if you didn’t pay them anything, they could potentially still have access to your pc!  Pay attention to my steps so this doesn’t happen to you.

Look Both Ways Before Crossing the Connection Road To Fake Microsoft

NEVER, I mean NEVER allow anyone remote access to your computer you don’t know, or haven’t called the OFFICIAL phone number for a device you own (printer, computer, other connected device.) When you follow someones prompts to give them access to your pc, you never know their integrity, or how much permission a remote connection software is giving the person on the other side of the phone (maybe even the world!) Sure there is some software that only allows “viewing” of your screen, but again, Jim from Microsoft may be setting up his tent to camp out at your pc 24/7. Max Tech Support IS ok to connect with 🙂 Schedule a connection HERE if you want us to check your PC remotely!

Ask a Lot of Questions!

If you think they could be legit, asking a lot of questions can do a couple of things (WITHOUT CONNECTING THEM!) Ask their name, what company they work for (if they say Microsoft, ask how they got your number.) If they say sometime like on their file with you, then you could say “then verify some of the other information you have for me so I know it’s all correct,” while NOT giving them your information see if they know anything that is not Public information.

No, I will Not Go To wr.oqttr.nl In My Browser

If Jim from Microsoft asks you to go to an obscure website name, I would say that’s the green light to just hang up on them. Most reputable companies offering support normally use LOGMEIN, Go To Assist, maybe Teamviewer. Some of our clients have notified us they let someone in and used the site ammyy.com. Though this company may have good intentions, These Scammers found this software to be good for their scheming.


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