High Winds and No Power. Are Your Computers Safe?

Is your office “outage ready?”

Here are some tips to keep your technology from getting “blown away” from a wind storm



Battery Backups

In the event of a power outage, not even necessarily a wind storm, battery backups are crucial to safety of your data. Remember, the parts of computer can be replaced, but your data inside is the gold we are trying to protect here. Making sure you have the appropriate size backup is important because you need to know you have enough time to get back to your device to manually shut it down and DISCONNECT it from the wall. Some backup systems will even email you once a failure is detected. WE CAN HELP WITH THIS. JUST FILL OUT THE FORM TO THE RIGHT.



Whole Office Surge Protectors

Yes, I know, you already have a surge protector in the wall (that used to be white) and everything is working fine.  This does not protect you sufficiently and here is why.

  1.  Surge protector don’t last forever (as this article explains on howtogeek.com)
  2. You can use the backup rule (1 backup/good, 2 backups /god)
  3. Whole office surge protectors protect other devices as well (furnaces, sump pumps, microwaves, fridges, etc.)



Be Triple(y) Safe, Just Turn It Off

Another great way to lower the chances of data loss during a wind storm, just turn off the computer when not in use and/or when leaving for the night if bad weather is coming. Having files/OS running while a power failure is happening is never a good thing. This is especially important with the introduction of Windows 8 and above as their complex OS platforms DO NOT LIKE BEING TURNED OFF UNEXPECTEDLY. Too many times we’ve attempted to help a client with a 8 or above laptop and the batter died on them and the ” 🙁 ” Sorry screen pops up when trying to turn on the computer.

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